I’m back and turning my procrastination powers into creative costumes for all of us. Because nothing is worse than looking at the calendar, checking your bank account, and realizing your Halloween costume ideas ain’t gonna happen this year. No worries, because this is where I excel! I didn’t just write the article on Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas last year. I lived it!  As a self-proclaimed source for last-minute costumes, I have some ideas to help you turn something out with minimal effort. Because we’re no longer putting effort into things this late in this neverending decade. I present the Midnight Society 5 More Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies: Ensemble

Bodies Bodies Bodies 1024x637 - 5 More Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

The best horror comedy of the year is also one of the easiest costumes of the year. If you have a bathing suit and a cell phone, then your costume is done! If you want to add some glow sticks or smear some makeup, you can pick a specific character. You can wear a bathrobe over your swimsuit or comfy beach layers. They gave us so much freedom with this one, and we stan. Also, a winner for last-minute group costumes if your whole squad is struggling. 

Nope: Jean Jacket

Nope - 5 More Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

We saw the chaotic outfits Steven Yeun’s character wore throughout this movie. We love to see it but didn’t leave ourselves enough time to do any of that. However, Jean Jacket is the easiest costume of the year. That fitted sheet you always fight with is now your costume. Jean Jacket is also extra fun because you can run up to people who stare at you for too long. Need a last-minute couples costume? Then tell your partner to pick up an orange hoodie to be the OJ to your Jean Jacket. Y’all are welcome!

Orphan: First Kill: Esther 

Orphan  - 5 More Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re not the tallest member of your squad and have been wondering how to repurpose your Coachella-inspired look, then Ester is here for you. Dig that long sleeve ruffle situation back out! Grab a choker and put that hair into pigtails. Because Ester is a chaos queen, you can get as messy as you want and still look like the character. The more sus stains and runny mascara, the more authentic. I’m here for this one because I am short and love a flowy dress! 

Stranger Things Season 4: 001

Stranger Things - 5 More Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

While everyone else is running around in their Hellfire Club gear, you can put that server uniform you keep wanting to burn to work. A white button-down, a pair of white pants, run a curling iron through your hair, and you’re out the door in 30 minutes. If you want to write 001 on a wrist and smear some red paint or make-up, then you can be the version of 001 that’s done playing kiddie games but not stepping into the full Vecnussy yet. You can also pick up extra points by staring down any Eddie Munson, Max Mayfield, etc. you encounter at your little shindig.

X: Maxine

X 1024x784 - 5 More Low-Key and Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

You don’t have to get naked or put on prosthetics to look like you belong in X this Halloween. Mia Goth’s Maxine is here to save you! You know you snatched that blue eyeshadow after watching this movie. If you don’t already have cute overalls, then you’ve probably been meaning to get a pair anyway. Not only will you look like a star, but you’ll also be super comfy in your cute denim overalls. 

Drop me a line at @misssharai if these ideas work out for you this Halloween season!

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