Bingo was the seventh film shown at the Horror-Rama Film Festival. The Canadian entry is the story of a serial killer with a passion for the titular game. It starts with a man on the phone with his wife when he gets unexpectedly attacked and killed by a nameless assailant. A strange turn of events follows. The reason for the title is explained explicitly but the premise is outright silly.

Directed by Michael Malko, not many camera movements are utilized aside from the basic point-and-shoot method. What little character development there is feels rushed because of the incredibly short runtime. Was this meant to be a meta horror/comedy or was it taking itself seriously? I can’t help but question why or how this got made.

Overall, if it were the opening scene to a full-length feature slasher flick I wouldn’t be interested in the outcome. With basic directing, odd writing choices, and over-the-top acting, this didn’t sit well with me. The practical effects makeup wasn’t even that well done. While I appreciate bold artistic choices, this came off as muddled, illogical, and utterly ridiculous. This one caused an outburst of laughter from the audience. Whether or not it was intentional is justifiably up for speculation. And remember, playing the actual game is more thrilling than this film is.

Grade 4/10

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Chris Majtenyi

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