Blood House Films, the genre horror-based label from Glass House Distribution, has just introduced their latest creation – Blood House Henry. This terrifying character will serve as the spokesperson for the brand and will be responsible for promoting new film acquisitions and releases.

Meet Blood House Henry, the newest horror icon from Blood House Films.

But who is Blood House Henry? He is a man who watched so many horror movies that he went insane. Each killer in the movies he watched became a mentor of sorts, and he started to emulate their idiosyncrasies. This led him down a dark path of madness, and he became a diabolical madman.

As the newest horror icon, Henry is set to make a big impact on the horror movie scene. Fans can expect to see him in future Blood House Films releases, and there’s no doubt that he will become a staple of the genre.

Blood House Films is known for its cutting-edge horror movies, and Blood House Henry is sure to fit right in with their other terrifying characters. Horror fans will love his backstory and will be eagerly awaiting his next appearance.


HorrorBuzz Staff

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