The Dark Arts at Hogwarts™ Castle is back at Universal Studios Hollywood, and fans of the wizarding world are in for a treat. From March 25 to April 9, May 27 to 29, and June 17 to August 13, the castle will come alive with sinister images from the darker side of magic. The powerful spectacle is accompanied by an atmospheric musical score created by John Williams.

As darkness falls at Hogwarts™ Castle, visitors will be amazed by the fire-engulfed army of Inferi, the soul-draining breath of Dementors™, and the haunting image of Lord Voldemort™. The castle will be taken over by Death Eaters™ and other unspeakable creatures, and visitors will feel like they are in the middle of a magical battle.

The Dark Arts at Hogwarts™ Castle is not only a visual spectacle but also a musical experience. John Williams, the composer of the iconic Harry Potter film scores, has created an atmospheric musical score that adds to the magic of the show. Visitors will be transported to the wizarding world as they hear the familiar notes of Williams’ score.

The Dark Arts at Hogwarts™ Castle will be shown on select dates from March 25 to April 9, May 27 to 29, and June 17 to August 13. The show is included with admission to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Don’t miss this magical experience at Universal Studios Hollywood. The Dark Arts at Hogwarts™ Castle is a must-see for any fan of the wizarding world.

So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the magic!

Norman Gidney

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