Are you curious to learn how the chaos began in Redfall, the next game from Arkane? The Hollow Man, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper, and the Black Sun are the “leaders” of the vampires in the new Redfall tale trailer, which also explains how vampires ended up in Massachusetts.

What the scientists at Aevum HQ once thought would be a scientific advance instead becomes the start of a nightmare for the island of Redfall. Within a short period of time, the town is overrun by vampires, people start going missing, there are bodies and blood everywhere, and the sun has been eclipsed. You and up to three other vampire hunters are now required to explore the island, solve the vampires’ appearance mystery, and retake the island.

We get to see more of Redfall’s open environment and the possible action you’ll be experiencing as you tour the island in addition to the story and some of the game’s primary antagonists. Throughout the route, you will run into locals who will offer you side tasks to complete. If you succeed, you will be rewarded.

On May 2, Redfall will be made available for Xbox One and PC users via Steam, the Epic Games Shop, and the Microsoft Store.

Francesco Monti

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