The ending to 2009’s Drag Me to Hell damn sure made good on the promise of the title, with Sam Raimi‘s return to horror suggesting that there wasn’t anything left to tell in regards to that particular story. In fact, Raimi had told Bloody Disgusting back in 2019 that the reason there was never a sequel was simply because the ending of the first movie was so definitive.

Raimi explained to us, “I don’t have a story, because in my mind the character got killed, and worse. So I didn’t know how to proceed with the sequel. Usually, for me, I’m left with a character that I really am interested [in] or a concept that really feels like it needs to continue. But this is such a definitive ending that in my mind I didn’t know where to start with a sequel.”

But it seems the door isn’t closed on Drag Me to Hell 2 just yet. During a Reddit AMA chat this week, Sam Raimi suggested that his team is trying to crack a possible sequel story!

Raimi tells Reddit, “The team at Ghost House Pictures: Romel Adam and Jose Canas, are trying to come up with a story that would work and I’m anxious to hear if they do!”

Drag Me to Hell starred Alison Lohman as Christine Brown, a loan officer who evicts an old woman from her home and then finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse.

In the film’s fiery finale, Christine is dragged into the depths of Hell, a bit of sadistic karmic justice that didn’t exactly leave the door open for a storyline continuation. But Drag Me to Hell made $90 million at the worldwide box office back in 2009, and with the fanbase for Raimi’s film only growing in recent years, we can see why Ghost House might be interested in a sequel.

Stay tuned for more on a possible Drag Me to Hell sequel as we learn it.

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