Plot Summary: Elizabeth believes she is living her fairytale dream when she marries the rich and intelligent Henry. When he asks her not to enter a room in his house and she does, a terrible secret is revealed.

If there was a way to bring back the person you loved, would you want to? No, not through magic or witchcraft but what if it was scientifically possible?

You know…through cloning maybe? And what if you could feed memories into the clone as well?

Elizabeth Harvest shows all this may just be powerful. Maybe.


Elizabeth is in utter bliss as she travels in a convertible with her husband Henry. She thinks about fairytales and how fortunate she is.

They reach home after a long drive on curvy roads and tunnels. The house is in a secluded location as well.

When she reaches home,  she is carried over the threshold and meets the staff at the house, Claire and Oliver.

She notices Oliver doesn’t blink and that he is blind. She’s taken on a tour around the house, all of the rooms use a biometric system. Elizabeth’s fingerprints are already added to the system. That in itself should have been a major hint. Just when would Henry have added Elizabeth to the system. But she doesn’t care much to ask and behaves like a vapid model.

She is shown jewels, clothes and artwork. That should keep her busy, Henry assumes. Then he takes her to see a locked room and explicitly tells her not to enter.

This part is important and not because Elizabeth is obviously going to enter that room. We’ve seen Beauty and the Beast, right?

But more on that later.

They have their wedding night. She’s not into it. And Henry uses scissors to cut through her clothes for some reason.

Right after he announces he has to leave for work. Elizabeth is left all alone and wanders about the house, bored. Claire comes over to ask her what she wants for lunch and Elizabeth wants to know why Henry married her when he’s smart according to the certificates on the wall, while she’s not so much. Claire smiles.

Elizabeth wants avocado and tomato salad and a chocolate milkshake. Claire smiles curiously. This part is necessary to the story too. Even though it seems innocent.

Elizabeth enjoys her chocolate milkshake and there’s no evidence of her salad ever appearing.

At night, Claire and Oliver leave and Elizabeth decides enough is enough and that she wants to see what is in the locked room.

She opens up the Chambers and a drawer pulls out…with a body inside of a woman…hers.

She freaks out, breaks some beakers and stuff and cuts her finger.

The next morning, Elizabeth is uncomfortable around Henry as he plays the piano. He seduces her again and then asks her about her cut finger. Elizabeth lies and Henry tells her he knows she went into the forbidden room.

He chases after her around the whole house and then kills her.

Claire and Oliver help him bury the body.

Later it is shown that Claire isn’t just a staff member but someone Henry respects. She isn’t happy about the way things have happened especially when Detective Logan shows up asking about Elizabeth. Excuses are made of her being young and so always tired and wanting to nap.

It is revealed that Claire is a doctor too who is helping Henry with an experiment. An illegal one of course.

Six weeks later, Elizabeth is in the car with Henry thinking the same thoughts. The same thing occurs and Claire doesn’t look too happy. She almost tells Elizabeth the truth but Henry comes at the wrong moment.

He leaves after spending the night with Elizabeth and leaves. Elizabeth again wanders into the forbidden room and freaks out. This time when Henry tries to attack her she manages to defend herself and kill him.

She tries to leave but finds everything locked and that her fingerprints don’t work on the front door. She gives up and when Claire and Oliver arrive the next morning, are surprised to see she’s still alive. She lies about Henry being tired and taking a nap.

Claire gets suspicious because Henry is the one who makes that excuse for Elizabeth. She goes to where Elizabeth stashed Henry’s body and has a heart attack.

She is taken to the hospital while Oliver tries to get on her good side by telling her to take some money from the safe and go away. When Detective Logan shows up, Oliver shoots him dead when he gets suspicious about what is going on.

Elizabeth is horrified and after disposing of the body, packs a bag and puts all the cash from the safe. Oliver gives her a journal, tells her to keep it and then locks the door. He has always been obsessed with Claire and wants to know if she’s written anything about him.

Elizabeth pretty much slaps herself for being too trusting. Bored, she reads the journal and learns the true nature of the experiment Henry and Claire were working on.

Turns out Henry was married to Elizabeth but she dies due to a rare medical condition. He however harvested some of her cells and began the cloning process. Only six of the samples survived.

Unfortunately, they were not stable and were unable to retain their memories. The chocolate milkshake was one of the things Elizabeth managed to retain as a memory because she used to love it as a kid. This is why Claire had smiled at that time, happy that her specimen retained some memories.

Yes, the Elizabeth we meet in the first scene and then the second time around, were all made in the lab. Claire eventually helps Henry with this illegal experiment because she gets infatuated with him and also because Henry feeds her a sob story about wanting to experience the first night with Elizabeth over and over.

Soon Claire and Henry get close and have an affair as they work on the project. Claire almost walks away when she feels she’s getting too close to Henry but is dedicated to her work and is still taken by Henry’s romantic story about wanting to experience the first night with Elizabeth. It is obvious she has some feelings for Henry though.

When the first Elizabeth we meet, is murdered, Claire realizes she was wrong about Henry. He wanted to experience the first night with Elizabeth, true, but that is all he wanted. After that, he purposely shows her the room and piques her curiosity so that she disobeys him and he then gets to kill her. Also, chances were the specimens didn’t last beyond one night.

Oliver keeps asking Elizabeth what Claire says about him and she replies he doesn’t. Clearly, Henry has feelings for Claire which is why his clone, Oliver has an attachment to Claire.

ELIZABETH HARVEST Ending Explained with Spoilers! 

Elizabeth tries to trick Oliver but he gains the upper hand and has her chained. She continues to read the journal and finds that Claire suspected Oliver was actually a young Henry. This explains why a young Henry had a weird obsession with Claire because the adult Henry was having an affair with her. 

Oliver was blinded by Henry when he saw the older man molesting young Elizabeth and made an issue about it. Henry accused Oliver of being obsessive and blinded him so he couldn’t see his beloved Elizabeth.

Even though Oliver was a young version of him? Henry clearly had mental issues.

Elizabeth tries to make an escape again but this version had managed to awaken the specimen in the lab who comes after her with a gun. She’s weak and confused but is taken with Oliver because Henry had designed Oliver that way so that Elizabeth finds him friendly.

She tries to protect Oliver while the other Elizabeth tries to tell her the truth. She doesn’t listen and even though she can barely hold the gun, shoots Oliver. The other Elizabeth is also hurt but she manages to drag herself downstairs and enter the code she forcefully took from Oliver when she attacked him.

She steps out but collapses. The other Elizabeth comes over and the dying Elizabeth tells her to read the journal. She reads it and finds that Henry was a psychopath.

The next morning, Claire who has recovered enters and Elizabeth patiently waits before walking out. She hands Claire the journal and advises her to put her research and skills to better use. Claire watches Elizabeth walk away while the door closes. Hopefully, she has the code or else she gets to live with the decomposing bodies of Henry, the Detective and Oliver.

Elizabeth decides to start her life on her own. But can she? Is she the stable one or is she going to collapse after taking a few more steps?

The movie relied on twists and does a decent job of delivering them when necessary.  It meanders for quite a big while the details of the experiment are revealed as well as Claire and Henry’s affair but does a decent job with the climax.

Scare scale: 3/5

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