In what can only be described as a match made in horror heaven, a legendary rock ‘n’ roller,  the world’s greatest horror magazine and a cutting-edge media distributor have marshaled their considerable talents to create BeserkerGang, a genre film production outfit dedicated to “edge-of-your-seat horror.” 

Comprised of Guns N’ Roses ax man Slash; Rodrigo Gudiño, filmmaker and RUE MORGUE founder; horror genre specialists Michael Paszt, James Fler, and Andrew T. Hunt of distribution house Raven Banner; and Pasha Patriki of Raven Banner’s in-house production wing, Hangar 18 Media, BeserkerGang was born in the wake of  Gudiño’s movie The Breach. Last year, the RUE MORGUE publisher partnered with Slash and Raven Banner for the film based on Nick Cutter’s 2021 novel of the same name, planting the seeds of what is sure to be a fruitful (and frightening) company.

For lifelong genre devotee Slash, who served as executive producer and composed the score for The Breach, horror is as comfortable as a tophat, shades and a well-worn Les Paul. 

“I’ve always been a huge horror fan, especially going back to the days when horror movies actually scared the hell out of you,” the GNR guitar hero says. “I want to get into the heart of the producing business, so I can try and make movies that I’d like to see.” 

Doubling down on Slash’s intent to produce uncompromising horror, Gudiño adds, “The company slogan is ‘Films Forged in Fury,’ if that’s any indication of where we plan on venturing.”

BeserkerGang aims to be a benchmark of quality in genre film. To that end, the collective steadfastly refuses to crank out subpar quickies. Love and respect for horror are paramount to the team.

“The aim of BerserkerGang will be quality over quantity,” says Raven Banner’s Andrew T. Hunt. “We will be selectively choosing projects that we collectively feel best represent the brand.”

“Our goal is to develop projects with filmmakers and writers who are just as passionate about genre films as we are,” continues Michael Paszt.

BeserkerGang will announce its oncoming onslaught of horror films at this year’s Cannes Film Market. Keep an on RUE MORGUE for more details and announcements coming soon!

William J. Wright

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