This week’s Horror Book of the Week is THE LEGEND OF AMARA BOOK III: THE AFTERMATH

The book is published by CLUB LIGHTHOUSE PUBLISHING and is available in online stores. 

This is the third and final part of The Legend of Amara series. 
Will Amara finally be defeated?


The trilogy comes to a thrilling end.

Following the events in HarbourOne City, Veer moves to a new city for a fresh start. He cuts himself away from his family and friends, hoping to get past the mistakes that were made in the battle with Amara, a vengeful witch.
But one day, he meets a girl called Siyara and notices her resemblance to Kiara, a girl who had sacrificed her life to save the city. Could it really be her?
Siyara has a loving family, and a chance to make her dreams come true. When she meets Veer, she thinks she has finally found what she is looking for.
Then one day, she comes face to face with the legend of Amara.
Veer thinks he is protecting Siyara by going back to HarbourOne City but realizes that a secret was being hidden from him, one that leaves him with no choice but to walk away from Siyara’s life.
Two years pass, and Veer settles down with Pia in an unhappy marriage. With a child on the way, Veer is ready to forget about his past and Amara.
But Amara has returned and has plans for him and the baby. Veer will have to reach out to the people from his past in order to defeat Amara once and for all.

[email protected] (Palvi Sharma)

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