The Horror Collective has announced the release of the horror-comedy Summoning Sylvia in select theaters on March 31, before its wide release on video-on-demand (VOD) platforms and home-video on April 7. Directed and written by Broadway veterans Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse, the movie promises to deliver both laughs and scares.

Synopsis: The movie follows a group of friends throwing a bachelor party for their gay friend, but things take a spooky turn when the groom’s ex-military straight brother shows up uninvited. As the party moves into a creepy mansion, they accidentally summon some sinister spirits, leading to an unforgettable night of hilariously spooky antics.

This horror-comedy marks the directorial debut of Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse, both known for their Broadway performances. The duo also co-wrote the movie, and according to them, the film is a “celebration of queer friendship” that explores “the assumptions we make about each other, which can lead to some super silly scary spooky s—!”

Summoning Sylvia was born during the early days of the pandemic when the theaters were closed, and people were confined to their homes. What started as a project to pass the time ended up becoming a timely and hilarious film. Cody Lassen, the Tony Award-winning and Grammy-nominated producer, added that the movie is a testament to the creative talent that can emerge even in challenging times.

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After its release in select theaters on March 31, ‘Summoning Sylvia’ will be available on various VOD platforms and home-video from April 7. Horror and comedy fans can expect an enjoyable ride filled with ghostly humor and memorable characters. With Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse’s directorial debut, the movie promises to entertain and spook audiences in equal measure. Mark your calendars and get ready for a hilarious and scary ride.

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