The Scream Queen conquers the four-color world.

Jamie Lee Curtis has written a 156-page hardcover “eco-horror” graphic novel for Titan Comics–Mother Nature–and a new trailer has arrived to preview the book’s summer release. Check out the video on this page.

The graphic novel–written by Halloween legend Curtis and filmmaker Russell Goldman and illustrated by Karl Stevens–will be available in July at comic book shops for $29.99.

The graphic novel is based on the upcoming horror film of the same name from Blumhouse Productions and Comet Pictures that will be Curtis’ feature directorial debut. No release window for the pic has yet been announced.

In Mother Nature, Nova Terrell–who has seen her father die on one of Cobalt Corporation’s experimental oil extraction projects–has come to hate the company that the town of Catch Creek, New Mexico relies on for its jobs and prosperity.

Terrell starts to wage “a campaign of sabotage and vandalism against the oil giant,” according to the synopsis, “until she makes a terrifying discovery about the truth behind the ‘Mother Nature’ project and the vengeful entity it has awakened.”

In explaining the genesis of the graphic novel, Curtis said she “first thought about this story when I was 19 years old. I’ve always been aware of the unbalanced relationship between humans and nature–and I always knew that, inevitably, nature would win.”

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