Synopsis: The unstoppable megalodon is back, stalking the inhabitants of a stranded boat off the coast of a small fishing community. A reporter, her cameraman, and some thieves must work together to finally put an end to this legendary man-eater, but that won’t be easy as this aquatic serial killer has emerged to exact its own brand of revenge on them.

Directed by: Mark Polonia

Written by: Mark Polonia

Starring: Yolie Canales, Tim Hatch and Natalie Himmelberger

Genre: Horror

Category: Shark

Country: United States

Language: English

Main Cast:

  • Jada Sanchez
  • Jamie Morgan
  • Jeff Kirkendall
  • Kyle Rappaport
  • Mark Polonia
  • Natalie Himmelberger
  • Tim Hatch
  • Titus Himmelberger
  • Yolie Canales


  • Polonia Brothers Entertainment



Official Trailer:

Horror Brains

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