To help combat the surreal reality we’re living it, award winning writer Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl) is back with more escapist double creature-feature comics!

Justin Gray is back with his 25th Kickstarter project featuring the three issues of Bleeding Pulp, offering up three 64-page, prestige format, pulpy horror comics with a double creature feature in each.

The main Feature is the supernatural mystery I EAT MONSTERS, in which 9-year-old Annabelle witnessed her brothers being brutally murdered by a ‘monster from under the bed’. She tried to fight back with the only weapon she had – her teeth. The encounter changed her life in more ways than one. 17-years later, Annabelle is looking for answers as to why her family was targeted.

It is the comic that asks ‘what if eating monsters temporarily gave you superpowers’.

In the second feature, named MADAM BELDAM, is a two-part cosmic event is introduced; a woman cursed by a witch joins forces with H. P. Lovecraft to battle the cult of a space god.

Issue #3 also unleashes a new monster in the form of BLUE GEISHA; a half-demon samurai seeking to avenge her mother’s murder by any means necessary.

These beautifully illustrated and action-packed comics are for mature readers and entertainment purposes only.

And as creator Justin Gray tells himself: “These comics are intended to be fun and entertaining maybe a little silly or disturbing or anything that takes you out of your day to day headspace. I’m not trying to win awards or catch the eye of Hollywood, I just want to have fun with my friends and fellow creators. I make comics because I love the medium and consume genre fiction like comfort food. These Pulp books exist outside of the real world for a reason – sometimes the real world sucks – so if you’re looking for escapist pulpy horror with action, adventure, samurai swordplay, humor, sex, monster eating, and tongue in cheek cheesecake covers you might like Bleeding Pulp.

IEM is done by artist Rui Silveira and Thyago Brandao, BG is by the team of Branko Jovanovic and Thyago Brandao.

The project can be supported via

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