A one-of-a-kind survival horror experience that blends the terror of haunted attractions with the fun of laser tag, “Nightmare Combat” returns to Columbus, Ohio this coming Spring.

“Nightmare Combat” is a special, annual event. The tactical experience puts your survival skills to the test by putting you face to face with the creatures that haunt your dreams. You will receive a realistic training weapon so you’re ready to take on whatever is lurking in the dark.

Bloody Disgusting has learned that tickets will go on sale March 15, 2023 at 12pm EST, with this year’s “Nightmare Combat” currently scheduled for April 28 – April 30, 2023. The event takes place at Fear Columbus Haunted House on 2605 Northland Plaza Dr. in Columbus, Ohio.

“Nightmare Combat” will arm you with realistic looking & feeling weapons. Your weapons will be full weight and include a metal design. You will be trained on these weapons before entering the experience, in order to prepare you best for you and your teams’ survival.

You will journey through a 40,000 square foot immersive environment featuring Hollywood quality sets, along with concert level audio and lighting system, artificial explosions, fire, wind and fog effects. This event will feature a world themed after a post apocalyptic cityscape complete with overturned cars, city streets, a giant haunted asylum, a slaughterhouse and countless other scenes.

You will encounter 50+ live actors and performers with professional costumes and makeup. These actors have targets built into their costumes that are triggered by your weapons and will signify you when they have been defeated. Just like any video game you will also have to conquer the giant boss before you complete your mission.

What’s especially cool here is that the monsters have proximity sensors that inflict damage on players if they don’t defeat them before they get too close. Different monsters take more shots to kill and inflict different amounts of damage on players health.

Due to very high demand and limited capacity all tickets for this event MUST be purchased online in advance. You will need to select the Entry Time you would like to attend when you purchase your tickets so please plan accordingly. You will not be able to change this time under any circumstances once your order is complete.

How Early Access Tickets Works: 

  1. Complete The Form
    • Complete The Form To Join The Early Access List
  2. Receive Your Link
    • You Will Receive A Link To Purchase Tickets An Hour Before They Go On Sale To The Public.
  3. Secure Your Tickets
    • Choose An Available Date And Time And Purchase Your Tickets.

Learn more on the official “Nightmare Combat” website.

John Squires

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