So I was on The Shining subreddit and found this 1980 trailer for The Shining thar included quite a few rare shots that were decided upon to not use in the final cut of the film.

One shot is of Jack after axing Hallorann that is a different expression and movement than the film's version. Another is of Wendy treading the stairs w/ knife in hand and casting a shadow on the wall that was very creep and similar to the shadow scene in nosferatu. Then another shot of Jack looking through the bathroom door but in a very different way than what was ultimately picked but actually more unsettling and unnatural than that famous face that appeared on the cover art and memorabilia.

So it had me pondering: How much lost/vaulted footage was kept aside that wasn't used that was possibly even MORE eerie and disturbing than what made the final cut and would it be enough footage to have an entirely alternate version of the film? I would REALLY like to see that footage in full someday.

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