This is important.

I first saw this in /books. “Goosebumps Author R.L. Stine Rewriting Series for Sensitivity Ahead of Reprinting”

My first response is, OK, if Stine wants to edit his own books, he 100% has that right. That is different than the Roald Dahl publisher and even family editing his books long after this death. If they want to add an introduction or even footnotes that address certain insensitivities, that’s fine. But editing a work that I consider historical and important (yes, to horror) without the author’s consent is not right. Mark Twain used the N word a LOT and we still hail his books up as classics. There is a way to address it. But again, if the author wants to while still alive, they just plain have that right. They are the author.

Now Stine just chimed in on Twitter and said that he did NOT do this.

I really hope there is backlash and this gets straightened out. Goosebumps was important to a lot of horror-loving kids, and still is.


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