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r/horror – EVIL DEAD RISE Trailer HD 2023

I hesitate to ask, because it’s hard to not sound like a…

r/horror – One of Danielle’s Harris’s most overlooked credits, her doomed Goth roommate in “Urban Legend.” Only onscreen for a few minutes, but she makes the most of it (heck of an entrance) and she’s far, far more compelling opposite Alicia Witt’s whiny, mopey Sidney Prescott-wannabe.

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The Faces – Creepypasta

Estimated reading time — 5 minutes Since I was young I was…

Who Invited Them (2022) Film Review

Aspiring millennials and their first-world problems are inherently absurd, particularly when their…

r/horror – Ruggero Deodato, director of notorious horror Cannibal Holocaust, dies aged 83. – My brother got me this film for my 12th birthday. RIP.

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r/horror – Mike Flanagan to adapt Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

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