Howdy yall, I recently lost a space that was super impactful to me in terms of my artistic development. I know how important little pockets of like minded people on the internet can be to growing as an artist, especially in the horror scene, so instead of getting down about it I've decided to try and make one of my own. The goal here is to find people interested in creating horror content (books, comics, movies, music whatever) and are trying to develop their talents through meeting others who can help them grow in a way that you just cannot do by yourself. Personally, having a niche group of eyes on my content helped me, and my hope is that together we can help each other in making incredible art together. And so, I've made a discord server.

We're still very small, but if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, I'll post the link down bellow. I hope we can help you grow as a horror creator much like I was helped when I was first starting out 🙂

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