If there’s anything that truly ties the Scream franchise together, it is its commitment to referencing the people and films that came before it. From the pithy dialogue to character names, there are countless odes to horror, and cinema as a whole, sewn into every piece of Scream history. Just ask Scream VI costume designer Avery Plewes (The Craft: Legacy).

Speaking with Dread Central over Zoom recently, Plewes (who also worked with Radio Silence on Ready or Not) shared her reference points for working on the latest Scream sequel: the historical touchstones she turned to while designing Ghostface’s “new” mask and Mindy’s t-shirts, the Wes Craven tributes you may have missed during the Halloween scenes, and how she and Courteney Cox worked together to redefine “Gale Weathers Core.”

Watch the full conversation (which does include spoilers) below. And don’t miss Scream VI in select theatres now.

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Emily Gagne

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