Plot: In the 1950s, a housewife goes to extreme lengths for her husband not realizing he has been having an affair behind her back.

It is better not to keep a woman apart from her cupcakes as we find out in the horror short SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

In this short, we are taken back to the 1950s. A housewife is taking great pains to throw a successful party for her husband who prefers standing on the side with his mistress. Only the wife doesn’t know she’s the mistress yet. 

Joanna is the ideal wife, always smiling, always trying to keep her husband happy. She has even saved him the last cupcake at the party only to be savagely taunted for not watching her weight by her husband.

Joanna’s smile falters and even more so when her husband Walter leaves his own party to drop Victoria home. Victoria has no problems chomping down on Walter’s half of the cupcake.

Later that night, Joanna puts aside her housework to greet Walter who speaks to her gruffly. She tries to seduce him only to be shunned. Walter is more interested in the things she hasn’t done, like her housework.

Joanna is still not discouraged and intends to do whatever it takes to make her marriage work, even if it means going through a risky surgery that was advertised on TV. After all, satisfaction is guaranteed, right?

Following the procedure, Joanna is thrilled at gaining a robotic arm that allows her to become more efficient at housework. The fact that she lost her hand in the process has little effect on her.

With a smile on her face, she plays the perfect wife when Walter returns home. She does register surprise when Walter barely throws a glance at her upgraded arm. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to stop trying to be the woman Walter wants her to be.

When Walter finally notices her multipurpose hand, he is shocked but recovers quickly when Joanna shows him just what else she can do with it.

Unfortunately, Walter has chosen that night to not wash himself because while Joanna is servicing him, she notices a lipstick mark on his neck.

Her hand speeds up and she unintentionally hurts Walter who expresses his disappointment.

At this point, Joanna has had enough and snaps. She gave up cupcakes for him, for goodness sake!

Satisfaction Guaranteed Spoilers

Joanna goes about to show Walter just how efficient her new hand is. It comes with various attachments, like a hot iron and a blender that makes smoothies in minutes, as well as a rather effective nut grinder.

Of course, she uses the nuts Walter already has to show him just how everything works.

Sprayed with blood, Joanna is finally free from her verbally abusive and deceitful husband.

She sits down to eat her cupcakes. There’s milk to wash it all down. Joanna is definitely satisfied now.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is a well-crafted story about a woman trying to make her relationship work and ends with her standing up for herself after being betrayed.

Alexandra Hensley, who plays Joanna, has done a brilliant job with her portrayal of a typical 1950s housewife who lives to please only her husband. The range of emotions she displays towards the end is something to watch out for. 

The movie also stars Paul Keany who does an adequate job playing the neglectful, cheating husband.

Written by Ken Morris and Directed by Yue Ma, this short can be watched on YouTube.

The movie was initially released in 2017 but showcased on Alter’s YouTube Channel as part of their Blood is in the Air event that goes on throughout this month.

Watch the movie here:

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