After delving into Sweeney Todd territory with Ravenous Devils, developer Troglobytes Games have revealed their next title, the spiritual successor to Ravenous Devils in The Kindeman Remedy. Only this time, instead of cooking and cannibalism, it’s cooking up the perfect anesthesia through downright devilish means.

Described as a “dark and twisted story-driven psycho-horror management game”, The Kindeman Remedy puts players in the shoes of Doctor Carl Kindeman, a disgraced physician whose unethical practices banished him from his medical society, and Sister Anna, a promiscuous nun with a special taste for fresh blood and a knack for secretly administering poison. With the aim of restoring his lost reputation by creating the perfect anesthesia, Kindeman accepts a job in an isolated prison, with the goal of being able to conduct his questionable experiments away from the spotlight.

Taking on the role of Kindeman and Sister Anna, you’ll manage the doctor’s lab, experiment with different substances and poisons, sharpen your saws and knives and ultimately determine who lives and who dies.
The inmates are at your disposal. You can either let them be executed in the electric chair, or save them for your own research.

Speaking of which, you’ll be able to upgrade your lab and use eight different rooms for your research. You’ll also have to manage your resources, experiment with poisons, drugs, and other hazardous substances to achieve your goal. It is a lot to handle, but thankfully, you have Sister Anna to assist you in your goals. That ultimate leads to multiple endings for you to discover, as well as unlockable events throughout your playthrough.

The Kindeman Remedy is due out this Fall for PC via Steam and consoles.

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