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The current #1 movie on the Hulu charts can add Stephen King to its list of fans. The scribe took to Twitter to share his anxiety about this PG-13 thriller that has people sweating. What movie has people facing their fear of heights and Uncle Stephen shaking? It’s none other than Fall. According to FlixPatrol, it is still the top movie on the streamer by way of a Starz add-on. 

In the film, best friends Becky and Hunter find themselves at the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower.

Fall was directed by Scott Mann. It was written by Jonathan Frank and Scott Mann. The cast includes Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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While many people fell head over heels for the movie, Stephen King enjoyed it so much that it set off a series of tweets from the author. However, his first tweet is possibly the one that any horror filmmaker would have framed. The tweets are from last year, when the title was streaming on Prime Video. Now the dizzying classic is the queen of Hulu.

King tweeted about Fall:

Tight, terrific, and very, very scary. Reminded me a bit of DUEL. Wish I’d written it.

See What Else Stephen King Said About The Film

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There you have it. Uncle Stephen is over the moon with his love for this death-defying thriller. This is relatable content seeing how Fall has been living on top of the charts these last few weeks. King is obviously not the only one streaming this movie.

Watch The Trailer Hulu Hit Fall

Have you watched Fall on Hulu yet? I watched it last week, so let’s talk about it at @misssharai.

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