“The Simpsons” is doing something a little different with their annual “Treehouse of Horror” episode this year, for the first time ever airing TWO DIFFERENT brand new episodes!

One of the two “Treehouse of Horror” 2022 episodes will take the familiar anthology approach, while the other will be a full length, 20-minute parody of Stephen King’s IT!

In advance of “Treehouse of Horror Presents: Not It,” a Pennywise-themed fan art contest has been launched this week, and winners will have their art featured in the episode!

The team tells Bloody Disgusting, “Send in your creepiest, scariest, most creative, fan art of Krusty the Clown for a chance to have your artwork displayed in the end credits of a terrifying Simpsons Halloween episode airing October 23, 2022.”

In “Treehouse of Horror Presents: Not It,” when a supernatural clown starts slaying the children of Kingfield, young Homer Simpson teams up with other middle school misfits to face their fears and defeat the mysterious monster. But years later, the evil clown returns, and Homer’s friends must confront the tragedy of their adult lives to destroy Krusto once and for all.

Head over to the contest’s official website to enter and learn more!

John Squires

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