Dread Central talks with Unseen star Missi Pyle (Ma) about her outrageous role in the thrilling new film from Blumhouse Television and Paramount Home Entertainment.

In the film, two women form an unlikely connection when a depressed gas station clerk Sam (Jolene Purdy), receives a call from Emily (Midori Francis), a nearly blind woman who is running from her murderous ex in the woods. Emily must survive the ordeal with Sam being her eyes from afar using video call.

Unseen was written by Salvatore Cardoni & Brian Rawlins and is helmed by visionary director Yoko Okumura. Jason Blum produces alongside Alexander Kruener, Jeremy Gold, and Chris McCumber.

Unseen is available on Digital and Demand right now. Watch out for it on MGM+ this May.

Check out our video interview with Unseen star Missi Pyle

Lastly, have you had the chance to check out Unseen from Paramount Home Entertainment? Let us know on Twitter via @DreadCental. We’re always around to chat about all things Missi Pyle!

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