After revealing their DLC plans for V Rising last month, Stunlock Studios has dropped more details as well as a name for the upcoming DLC. The free “Secrets of Gloomrot” expansion will arrive this May, and is the first of three upcoming content updates planned for the foreseeable future.

The update will introduce a new biome called Gloomrot, and will be almost the same size as Dunley Farmlands. A land of equal parts filth, ambition, brilliance, and madness, Gloomrot is divided into two unique sections, Gloomrot South and Gloomrot North. Each area will bring “a new wave of challenges, technologies, and enemies, both great and small, with plenty of space to stretch out and settle your multi-floor strongholds.”

In addition to the Gloomrot expansion, Stunlock are also hard at work adding in the requested community features, including more castle-building features. Staircases now allow you to walk to a new floor in your castle to begin placing floors to build out the shape of your second story. These staircases are also indestructible during a siege, allowing your castle to remain standing, even after its walls have been destroyed. The team is also incorporating teleporters within the castle to allow for easier movement between areas.

As for the next update after Secrets of Gloomrot, Update #2 will most likely be V Rising‘s full release. The team plans to keep introducing patches “to improve the vampire experience, getting the game closer to our grand vision.”

V Rising is currently out in Early Access on Steam.




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