Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha is a romantic action entertainer directed by Murali Kishore Appuru. The film stars Kiran Abbavaram and Kashmir Pardesi in lead roles. Music composed by Saithan Bhardwaj, Daniel Viswas and cinematography by Marthanda K Venkatesh. The film is produced by Bunny Vasu under GA2 Pictures banner. The film will hit the theaters on February 17 as a Shivratri special. Get details about Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishu story here full movie download.


Vishnu’s (Kiran Abbavaram) fate is changed by the phone name of an unknown girl named Darshana (Kashmir Paradesi). Then she explained how she reached him and other people who played Murali Sharma’s neighborhood. The scenes of love, laughter and entertainment in this triangular love story are sensational. Similarly, when Vishnu combines with his neighboring numbers, his existence becomes confused. The quiet and calm Vishnu is in a lot of trouble, and the inexhaustible reduction by arresting PGM makes it interesting. Kiran Appavaram is confident in his process. The trailer suggests an interesting idea with commercial elements.

Movie story

The protagonist Vishnu’s (Kiran Abbavaram) ) childhood story is crucial to his characterization. He and his grandfather (Subhaleka Sudhakar) are privy to the grim fate of the boy’s parents, earning the wrath of the village. The grandfather tells the boy that life is all about embracing and helping those around us. Help your neighbor, he says, and his idea of neighbor isn’t just next door; It extends to their next field, neighboring village, town, country.

YouTuber Darshana (Kashmir Paradesi) contacts her neighbor Vishnu (Kiran Appavaram) with her phone number. Vishnu thinks it is Venkateswara’s way of introducing a woman into his life and he slowly falls for her. On the other hand, Darshana gets close to Markandeya Sharma (Murali Sharma), another phone number of hers. Vishnu and Sharma join hands to boost Darshana’s YouTube channel. In a shocking turn of events, Darshana shoots Sharma, which stuns Vishnu. Why did Darshana kill Sharma? What happened next? What did Vishnu do then? The film has the answer to everything.

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Full Movie Download

Kiran Appavaram is the only actor who has maintained his continuity in movies to entertain the audience with different themes. His movies are liked by the audience and he maintains the quality of dialogues and own timing and also delivers messages to the audience. So audiences definitely love his movies right from the initial scripts. We suggest viewers to watch any kind of movies only in theaters as you will enjoy good quality visual and sound effects. Watch Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Movie on legal sites only.

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Movie review

The best aspect of the film is the character of Kiran Abbavaram. It is very well written and has good internal depth. Kiran Abbavaram has done a great job as a person who likes to lend a helping hand to everyone in need. It is good that Kiran has chosen a good role that gave him ample opportunity to act. The actor was good at portraying emotions and his comic timing was spot on. It would be great if the actor continues to do such meaningful roles.

Murali Sharma as Sharma is amazing. As always, the veteran actor gave his best and brought depth to the proceedings. Comedy scenes involving him and leading lady Kashmiri Paradesi are sure to set the theaters abuzz. Murali Sharma’s role is not limited to comedy but there is a lot more to it.

This is Kashmir Paradesi’s second film in Telugu and the actress has done a great job. She looked charming and played Darshan with ease. It is good that the female character is prominent in the plot of the film. Just when you think that an overdose of hero’s helpful actions along with preachy dialogues and YouTuber’s dumb video ideas make the film a tough watch, the story comes with twists and turns. In the beginning we also see NIA officials trying to track down a terrorist group.

I was thankful that the film ended by the time the many twists and revelations were over, the culprits nailed and a character’s true identity revealed not yet. It ended with a supposed hook for further development of the plot. Trembling Kiran Abbavaram’s expressions and dialogue delivery remain the same through the film.

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