Originally released way back in 2020 on PC, Bohemia Interactive and developer CBE Software finally brought their narrative-driven psychological horror game Someday You’ll Return to PlayStation consoles in a new expanded Director’s Cut version. The Director’s Cut is also available on Steam.

Someday You’ll Return: Director’s Cut includes new story elements, along with better story pacing and new optional areas, new puzzles and “more dynamic gameplay”. As well, there’s a new interactive tutorial for alchemy and herbalism, enhanced sound, and over 30 minutes of new music. The PC version also now includes full controller support.

In Someday You’ll Return, you play as Daniel. Your daught, Stela, is lost in the forests of South Moravia. You’re forced to return to the forest to search for her after you had sworn to never return there. You’ll have to use your wits, map, and tourist tracks to navigate the mysterious landscape. The forest is full of old memories, abandoned camps, murky swamps, and collapsed bunkers. Discover local stories to solve puzzles and maneuver through locations you once knew so well. And don’t forget to keep your head down. Something out there might be watching.

Part of that puzzle-solving involves making use of the workbench, which allows you to inspect the items you collect along your journey. Modify them, take them apart, and craft new items to help you succeed. You can also master the ancient craft of alchemy and brew potions that can “heal the soul or corrupt the heart.”

No word on the Xbox version of Someday You’ll Return, which was also said to be in development.

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