Shal Ngo’s dystopian thriller The Park is now available on VOD from XYZ films and we have an exclusive clip just for Daily Dead readers! In a world where all adults have been killed off and only children remain, the story follows young survivors that fight for control of an abandoned theme park:

“A tale of apocalyptic adventure and survival set within a long-abandoned amusement park, the thriller, which occurs in a world without adults, stars an amazing ensemble of young talent.

Filmmaker Shal Ngo’s feature debut is a thrilling, dark journey through a dystopian world where children rule – and life is fleeting.

When a mysterious virus starts killing all adults, society is left to be governed by children living on borrowed time. After the adult population is wiped out, rival kids battle for control of an abandoned theme park. Danger lurks around every corner, and they must do whatever it takes to survive their hellish Neverland.

James Emanuel Shapiro, XYZ Films’ Executive Vice President of U.S. Distribution, notes, “THE PARK is one of the most provocative genre movies I’ve seen in some time. Shal’s debut is one that makes one take immediate notice. You have to see this movie!”

Written and directed by Shal Ngo, THE PARK stars Chloe Guidry, Nhedrick Jabier, and Carmina Garay; is executive produced by Ryan Chanatry, Nick Borenstein, and Matt Miller; and produced by Natalie Metzger, p.g.a.”

The Park is available on Amazon, Apple TV, YouTube, Redbox, Vudu and other VOD services. To learn more, visit:

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